One-day Workshops

Explore your yoga practice further, whether that’s the asana (postures), breathing practices or meditation.


23rd September 2017         –        The Upside Down World?

Does it sometimes feel like your world turns upside down?!

Enjoy a day of yoga where we explore the benefits of the journey towards being upside down!

That’s not to say you will spend the day on your head, perhaps just with your legs in the air!

Either way . . . . fun and benefits to be had . . . see you there



18th November 2017      –        Flowing through the festive season

The run up to Christmas – PHEW!

It can be tough, all that organising, planning, visiting, travel and eating!

Preparing yourself for all the excesses of the festive season and learning a few techniques to make the journey smoother xx



13th January 2018         –        Twisting out of the winter blues

Feeling stuck and knotted?!

It sometimes feels that there’s so much to do each day, that it’s hard to know where to start.

The daylight hours seem so short and the weather …. well at best it feels unpredictable!

Take the day for you, twisting your own way, out of your knots, taking your time and feeling the physical benefits of being in a twist!



10th March 2018         –        Fresh as a Daisy!

The spring flowers are surfacing and there’s a feeling that the possibilities are endless.

Be reminded of all your talents and skills – what might 2018 have in store for you?


Cost: £35 per person per workshop.

Venue: Garden Village Association Community Centre, Rosewood Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle NE3 5DD

Time: 10am – 4pm

Please bring: a Yoga Mat, Blanket & something vegetarian to contribute towards a shared lunch. Tea/coffee will be provided.

Booking: to book your place email:

Payment by cheque to SpiritLevel Yoga or by bank transfer