Meet Robyn

Robyn Creighton, Founder of SpiritLevel Yoga

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The yoga I teach draws from all the different experiences that I’ve had, encouraging a creative and playful approach to yoga, developing an understanding of the philosophy through experiential learning that is grounded in a world that children, young people and adults can relate to.

In my classes we explore the relationship between tension and effort; observing how the body can move deeply into postures without holding onto tension; using the breath and a little mischievous wiggling(!!) to help the journey into and out of each posture creating a different approach to stretching, and easing the mind.

I have worked with children, young people, parents and professionals for 23 years in a range of class and group work settings (schools, after-school play schemes, youth clubs, PRU’s, secure units) delivering training, formal learning/classes and fun, interactive leisure sessions. My background is in the field of Health Promotion, teenage pregnancy prevention and health improvement

I’ve been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching for 7 years, I have the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) level 4 Teaching Diploma, I am a BWY Foundation Course Tutor and have the BWYT ‘Yoga for Children (21/2 -18 yrs)’ module, studying with Christiane Kerr founder of Calm for Kids.

I have studied yoga with internationally renowned teachers such as Paul Fox, David Sye, Zoe Knott, Bob Insley, Peter Blackaby and Gary & Sharon Carter. I continue to develop my practice by attending local and national workshops which form part of my continuing professional development with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY).

I am currently studying to become a BWY Diploma Course Tutor, teaching trainee BWY teachers.

The British Wheel of Yoga is recognised by Sports England and the Sport and Recreation Alliance (formally the CCPR) as the National Governing Body for Yoga in England.

I have the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate, First Aid Certificate and full insurance (with the BWY)


Robyn Creighton (BAHons) (PGCE)

Qualified Yoga Teacher (BWYQ Level 4 Teaching Diploma)

Tel: 07946413497